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Is your family or business suffering day in and day out from rocky driveways, potholes in parking lots, or uneven cement?

You, your family, and your company deserve the best. Not only is custom concrete aesthetically pleasing, but it also protects your vehicles from dangerous potholes and the potential for flat tires. Contact us today for custom concrete driveways, custom concrete walkways and more! Proudly serving residents Rochester, Batavia, and Pembroke, NY. 
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Concrete Driveways, Basement Foundations & Insulated Concrete Forms for Batavia, NY 

For concrete construction in the Batavia, Pembroke and Rochester, NY areas, you can count on Western N.Y. Concrete Corp for all your concrete solutions. We provide excellent commercial concrete and residential concrete services for people throughout the Buffalo, NY and Brockport, NY areas. Our attention to detail is simply unmatched by our competitors. Our experienced and reliable team of conrete contractors take on residential, commercial, and even industrial projects. 

We have readymix concrete delivery available for residential delivery and we also help industrial and commercial businesses with basement foundations, custom concrete driveways, concrete designs, and insulated concrete forms. We are a full-service company with excellent craftsmanship for our custom work. Would you like to add some decorative stamped concrete patterns to your outdoor décor? Do you wish you could have colored concrete and stop seeing the drab ground outside? For even the most tricky and complex jobs, we are here to help! Get in touch with our concrete contractors today for reliable concrete construction!
Custom Concrete Walkways in Batavia, NY | Western NY Concrete Corp
Concrete Designs in Pembroke,  NY | Western NY Concrete Corp
Concrete is everywhere!
We walk on it, drive on it, work and live on it. Concrete is literally the foundation to our civilization but like most people, concrete is not something you probably think about or care to learn. That is until it's time to hire a concrete contractor to replace a driveway or install a new patio. What's so complicated about it? It's just concrete? Well, as one starts collecting estimates and talking with contractors, neighbors and friends, they start to realize there's more to it than we know and what seemed like a simple and standard product to buy is not so simple.  

What does 4000 psi (pound per square inch), 3500 psi, 3000 psi concrete mean and what should I use on a driveway?

4000 psi, 3500 psi and 3000 psi all refer to the compression strength of the concrete (resistance to downward force in pounds per square inch), Concrete is sold based on it's rated psi: the higher the psi, the more it will cost. 3000 psi is usually used for concrete walls and footings whereas 3500 psi is used for flat work such as floors and walkways. However, a good contractor who wants to avoid call-backs will use at least a 4000 psi mix for a driveway. Since a driveway will be exposed to vehicle traffic which can bring in salt in the winter, 4000 psi is a good strength to use.  

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